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  1. Candidates often underestimate the power of the youth vote and do not cater their platforms toward young people. This campaign aims to increase awareness about the power of the youth vote leading up to the 2022 midterms so candidates can market to and capitalize on the youngest voting base (18-29).

  2. Youth often underestimate the power  of their vote in elections, feeding into the misconception of youths' political apathy. This campaign aims to myth bust that and encourage youth to make a difference by getting to the polls.

  3. Youth Can Vote aims to empower policy changes that increase voting literacy and civic education in public school systems so marginalized groups do not carry the burden of solely having to educate themselves to be civically literate.


The youth vote matters and needs to be mobilized for 2022 and elections beyond. We are at a pivotal point in our political climate and youth are more engaged than ever, fueled by their desire to leave their world better than they found it. Many candidates support policy decisions that specifically caters to youth, but they do not advertise these platforms in the same way they do their other policies. Candidates NEED to SHOW youth that their voice and future matters.


  • Metrics will be used to assess engagement. Business accounts on social media provide analytics that will be used to determine strategy. For example, our campaign's posts are being mostly viewed in majority democratic states, we will need to reorient to find a way to reach conservative youth. 

  • Engagement will also be assessed through interactive Instagram features such as the question box and the poll feature to answer questions people have approaching elections, as well as questions non-young people may have about how to better engage youth in their cause.


  • Voters ages 18-29

  • Campaign strategists 

  • Voters older than 29 


  • Instagram will be utilized the most because the social media posts fit the eye catching appeal many popular instagram infographics have. Instagram posts have the potential to reach a large youth audience because of the reposting feature. A business instagram account can track reach, and metrics will give sound feedback on who is viewing the campaign's content, their identities, and where they are viewing from. The infographic can be linked in the bio or posted on the story. The "live video" function will also be utilized once a following has been grown for followers to view conversations with political candidates who will have the platform to discuss their youth-oriented policies.

  • Facebook will also be utilized, although it caters to an older generation, to educate the families of youth voters.  An educated family means an educated youth because many youth form their opinions in their household. The "live event" function will also be used on Facebook as it will be on Instagram.

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